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  • Tom Collings

    Tom Collings

    Practice Lead with VMware. Outdoor enthusiast. Amateur banjo player.

  • Fernando Lelo Larrea

    Fernando Lelo Larrea

    Venture Capital Investor. Entrepreneurship. Economics. Seeking Innovation & Impact. Partner @all_vp MEXICO

  • Odille Sánchez

    Odille Sánchez

    Manager of Technology-based Incubation Program @Parque Tecnológico Orión

  • Luis Almanza

    Luis Almanza

    Support / invest startups & entrepreneurs at @TecdeMonterrey @OrionStartups & @StartupWeekend to leave my mark. My blood is made of coffee. Basketball lover.

  • March Gutierrez

    March Gutierrez

    Curious, passionate and a bit silly. Amazed by the concepts of fear/love, compassion, giving and vulnerability. I see stars and create constellations ❤

  • Emily Marigold Klassen

    Emily Marigold Klassen

    Mostly JavaScript code witch.

  • Jackie Ann

    Jackie Ann

    Passionate writer who enjoys using the creative process as a means of self expression and self reflection. instagram.com/jacquelineann06

  • Jørgen Lybeck Hansen

    Jørgen Lybeck Hansen

    Javascript professional, Cloud enthusiast and Coffee exploiter. Experience in web, mobile and serverless

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